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Lori Lust Howard Stern Pay Per view Ranks 40th out 3000 shows

Lori Lust the best body in the Industry has a monster website This links site is just a taste of the hot porn that is inside Lori lust xxx .com. Lori Lust was a Playboy Mansion Host 2006 and voted Hottest girl in porn 2006. She was also featured on 1000s of websites as being one of the hottest models on the Planet. Lori Lust was also a Hustler and Adam and Eve Model. As also known as the Best body in the Industry. Lori was also featured on Howard Stern 3 times on National TV.

December 22, 2005 11:11pm
Lori Lust On Howard Stern On-Demand
by: Company Press Release

The [Howard Stern] Lori Lust fitness model/pornstar show is one a a very few shows selected and currently aired on Howard Stern's on-demand for cable TV. It's completely uncut version shows stuff that E channel would have never allowed.

Some things like being completely nude and sprayed with cooking oil, using a vibrator on herself nude, and some huge news on how rough her past life was before she became the Luster.

Apparently the show did so well it ranked 40th out of 3000 shows so they even added hard-core clips of her and her website When we talked to Lori she said "The show must be pretty hot and horny uncut because so many fans are telling me that it was one of the sexiest things a girl has done on Howard Stern or even TV." Some companies saw the footage and then made large offers just based on the 30 minute footage. There was so much cut on the E channel that now it's on the On-Demand cable network it's almost like a whole new show is being aired. Now people can see I did so much sexual stuff on the show that most girls would have never of done just to make the fans happy. I can't wait to be back on the show again because I enjoyed the guys quite a bit even Robin was nice to me."

So if you're bored during the holidays then tape the show because it definitely won't be a let down if you like to see one of the hottest adult models, naked, oiled and in high heels.