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Lori Lust winner Hottest girl in Porn

Lori Lust the best body in the Industry has a monster website This links site is just a taste of the hot porn that is inside Lori lust xxx .com. Lori Lust was a Playboy Mansion Host 2006 and voted Hottest girl in porn 2006. She was also featured on 1000s of websites as being one of the hottest models on the Planet. Lori Lust was also a Hustler and Adam and Eve Model. As also known as the Best body in the Industry. Lori was also featured on Howard Stern 3 times on National TV.

Lori Lust of Never does anything small. Now she wins the hottest girl in Porn contest for the month. But what was truly amazing is how many votes she had.

According to Paul St. Clair the owner of the site He said "After I added her pictures my site views went from 10,000 a day to 20,000 a day for that week. Then she wins with over 12,300 votes which is a mind blowing record on the site. Nobody even came close to that since I invented the site. Then I looked over the past 55 girls who have been on the site for months and in just one week she is fourth overall viewed girl already. I've seen the girl in person and thought she could easily embody the title Hottest Girl in Porn but after the contest I don't think I'm the only one out there that thinks that."

So after moving to Los Angeles just 6 weeks ago the Luster continues to amaze people. From the type of large companies she's shooting with, getting on covers of magazines or hosting Playboy Mansion parties this Girl seems to have no boundaries to what she can do in such a short time. We had to ask the blond bombshell what's next running for mayor?

Lori said "I hardly told anyone about the contest. I never even posted it on MySpace because I have been so busy so I would like to thank the fans that voted for me. I have done so much to my body and my look that I can't wait for my new videos to come out in late March and April, plus I feel very comfortable on camera now. I had to pass up on many nice offers when I was in Michigan selling my house. Now that I live in California I feel like I can do almost anything. I even shot a mainstream movie the other day."

You mentioned movies what ones are coming out?

"I'm actually considered a fresh off the bus girl. I did mainstream modeling for a year." Lori said, "There has been some confusion because there was another Lori Lust from years ago and that isn't me. I think that's why people were labeling me Fitness Model / Porn Star or Best body in the Industry, so there would be no confusion between me and the past Lori Lust of years ago. It's nice to do so many promotions and host shows to hopefully put that to rest. As far as some of the movies coming out they are from New Sensations, Channel 69, Hustler & Adam & Eve's legendary Shooter which now owns Ultimate Entertainment."

Lori also wanted to state, "I believe that being an adult actress or even a professional model is a craft. If you have the right drive, direction and workout regimen then you can only get better and look better. I just feel if you do ten directions at once in the modeling / Adult actress Industry that's better then just one. Who said you have to place limits and place rules in this Industry? To me it's like the wild west and nobody really knows were it's headed or what the right direction is? Because of girls like Jenna Jameson there is plenty of room to grow and that's all I want to do... Grow fast, make many fans happy and hopefully be spotted someday."