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Lori Lust battles Daisy Duke Dukes Hazzard Movie

Lori Lust the best body in the Industry has a monster website This links site is just a taste of the hot porn that is inside Lori lust xxx .com. Lori Lust was a Playboy Mansion Host 2006 and voted Hottest girl in porn 2006. She was also featured on 1000s of websites as being one of the hottest models on the Planet. Lori Lust was also a Hustler and Adam and Eve Model. As also known as the Best body in the Industry. Lori was also featured on Howard Stern 3 times on National TV.

May 20, 2005 12:00am
Lori Lust Fitness Porn Star Battles Daisy Duke
by: Company Press Release

The girl they call the Best Body in the Industry caused quite a stir at the Motor City Comic Con in the Detroit area last week. The Luster signed autographs dressed in tiny Daisy Duke shorts and a tube top that looked like a Band-Aid. Well, needless to say after causing a quite a few heart attacks with her monster looks while fans got her autographs, she was asked to pose at the large Dukes of Hazard Promotion with the General Lee for the new movie coming out.

The original Daisy Duke stood by as this Babe strolled down the aisle with supreme confidence and started to pose in front of the original General Lee. At least a 1000 fans went completely nuts as every pose this girl did melted just about every camera at the convention.

The confidence and perfect body matched with girl next door face just seemed to fit the role of Daisy so perfectly! When done you could see Catherine Bach the original Daisy Duke almost cry, wondering even in her prime if she ever looked as good as Lori Lust did this day. When interviewed most the 1000 people who witnesses the explosion of power-poses all agreed that Lori Lust could probably blow Jessica Simpson away who they picked as the role of Daisy Duke for the new movie. Maybe Lori can't sing, Jessica, but man you don't hold a nickel to Lori Lust when it comes to a pair of Daisy Dukes, a smile, and causing a whole entire convention to completely come to a halt.

All I can say is if you ever go to a Convention of any kind and see this monster babe in heels you definitely will have to rate her as one of the hottest models and porn stars in the entire Industry. Sitting across from Lori signing was the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2004 Victoria Zdrok. That would have scared most girls, but Lori seemed to fit in just fine as I saw them hugging each other and getting equal billing by the fans. So What does Lori Lust, Dukes of Hazard, Penthouse Pets and Daisy Dukes equal? ...Well, if Lori Lust is there, then the rest doesn't matter because this girl can definitely find a way to generate large amounts of Heat and excitement for everyone, especially the fans.

When I asked Lori Lust what is her goal was she said other then her website growing she wanted to get such a large name that she gets a feature contract by a large video company. I know one thing; if Vivid or Wicked saw what we all saw today then she would have gotten her wish! This girl's money in the Bank!

Judging her camera presence which I have shot and talked to some of the best in the modeling Industry, it's no wonder why the Luster's Box covers are jumping right off the shelves with very impressive rental and sales numbers that are raising a lot of eyebrows - even with the larger companies. Plus, Penthouse and Hustler, if you ever need a jump in sales, just call this girl. It's a no brainier! Perfect body, guts, great personality, explosive presence on and off camera - What more could a company want?