February 25, 2006 12:25am
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Lori Lust hosts Playboy Mansion Party

Lori Lust the best body in the Industry has a monster website LoriLustxxx.com. This links site is just a taste of the hot porn that is inside Lori lust xxx .com. Lori Lust was a Playboy Mansion Host 2006 and voted Hottest girl in porn 2006. She was also featured on 1000s of websites as being one of the hottest models on the Planet. Lori Lust was also a Hustler and Adam and Eve Model. As also known as the Best body in the Industry. Lori was also featured on Howard Stern 3 times on National TV.

Lori Lust Hosting Playboy Mansion Party
Source: LoriLustXXX.com
by: Company Press Release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) -- LoriLust is about to enter new territory for porn stars. She's hosting the Playboy Mansion Party with Spike TV Saturday 25th. Apparently the girl with the girl next door looks is getting so much attention so fast after just moving to Los Angeles for a month that Playboy wants her to host the party!

Playboy told her that there has been a lot of good talk about her. Lori Lust also is one of the best posers in the Industry which comes from her regular modeling experience. So what's next for this fitness model/porn star? At the pace her name is growing in Los Angeles who knows - but if the girl is causing this much attention in just one month will there be feature contracts in the future?

We asked Lori that question and she said "I have done so much training and everything possible to look good. I also love doing events. I'm drug free and I guess I just have a good attitude. I hate boundaries. I just want to do the best I can to make people proud of me. I also would like to thank my promoter for believing in me. I just hope I can pay back the people that believed in me. I think that's one of my goals. Weather I get a feature contract or not I want to make a big impact somehow in the acting and modeling world while helping as many others as I can."

We also asked her is there anything you want the world to know? She said, "Yes... I have five box covers coming out in March and April that will show my new body and look. Fans seem to really like my new look. It's all about the fans just making them happy and improving yourself everyday."