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Lori Lust hosts Playboy Mansion Party 2006 TV & models nude infront cameras & hu
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(LOS ANGELES, CA) -- The girl who has the abs of steel hosted the Playboy event nude in heels the final two hours. Lori Lust did a good job as she was paid to attend the event. The event was huge! Spike TV, Milwaukee's Best, 97.1 and Hugh Hefner & the girls from the Playboy TV show were all attending the event.

Lori Lust stole the show the final two hours as she played in the grotto then shot Pics with all the fans along the steps of the lagoon nude.

We asked Lori what was the biggest thing about the event at the Playboy Mansion that surprised her and she said, "It was so crowded. I think that's why I had to be on the steps of the lagoon when everyone was shooting pictures. So many cameras and microphones were in my face that sometimes it was overwhelming. The only problem was it was cold that night but Playboy gave me a beautiful embroidered robe that I could keep."

Then we asked her what was the most shocking thing that happened and she said "The Hefner girl friends were all in a booth with security. When I was nude some of the girls were taking pictures of me and cheering when a guy picked me up. I think for some of the girls to take pictures of me that it made me feel special."

So Lori Lust gave Playboy a good show like they wanted. Will it be enough for them to hire her again? I know the fans that attended the event would definitely say yes.

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