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Lori Lust America's Next Top Model TV show contestant almost a model reality
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Lori Lust almost made America's Next Top Model TV show Lori Lust was spotted by Janice Dickinson's scouts to come to the audition of Americas Next Top Model. She went to the six hour line wait on Saturday, March 30th and had VIP entry and passed the whole entire line as the spotter let her in. She was rushed up to the top then was pre interviewed two times by camera crews. After the interviews she met the Supermodel Diva right away. Lori said "I went into the room with twenty-six other models that made the cut. Janice told one Playboy model to loose twenty pounds and it made her cry. Janice then had the girl sit down and say it will be OK then said Lori should train her and had me give the Playboy model my card. When she got to me she gave me compliments on my body and looks and said to stay. It was only me and another girl. Then Dickinson said she liked my look and my personality plus said I had spunk. I thought I made the show then the producer came in and said no. Janice said are you sure? Then he said no I'm more like a glamour / pinup model then a fashion model since I'm short. I am 5'4" so I see his point. I thought originally I was auditioning for her lingerie modeling division she was starting. Then she said she was sorry and maybe had some future stuff for me down the road coming up and took my comp cards and phone numbers. When I left a couple men on there crew asked for my autographs and I signed some of my comp cards for them. A few said they are coming to the Porn party I'm hosting April 27th at Club Ivar. Then they interviewed me again for a long time and asked me what happened? I left pretty happy because Janice bashes many people but she gave me compliments and actually picked me out of the bunch. She was very nice to me the whole time. She even found out I had some workout videos and asked me for one. I guess for someone of that stature to like me It made me feel very good." Lori Lust later said that there might be a good chance that Janice might pick her for one of her future reality shows that are spinning off. Either way Lori Lust on America's Next Top Model would have definitely raised the ratings. The whole porn world would have watched.

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