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Lori Lust gets pre nomination performer of the year for porn star
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Major News Alert article
The hottest girl in the Valley just got hotter. Pre nomination from AVN for Performer Of the Year. Her last two video's ranked four stars plus many of her best ones aren't even out yet.
Her last few have done so well that they said some really nice stuff about the luster in
AVN monthly the last two issues.
Her last five shoots she's even coming on set so much they stopped a couple shoots to
wipe it off.
She continues to strive to be a better performer and to look better and it shows.
Also her acting skills are great. Wonderful little character actress.
But the best body in the world never had it easy.
Being abused by her ex-husband for years from being locked in closets to physical and mental abuse was just a start. Some so bad they edited it out of the Howard Stern show.
Just to become and adult actress or even to get to
Los Angeles was a very rocky or impossible road to travel for almost anyone.
Most people didn't know she only shot one month then had to go back to Michigan for eight months to sell a house.
So technically when she arrived in Los Angeles four months ago she was considered fresh off the bus.
Sure her name was everywere before she arrived but that was due to Howard Stern, her promoter Craig Stevens, and autograph shows where she completely dominated and captivated the fans.
Then to consider in that eight month span she changed her entire looks and made
her body more feminine and even shot two workout videos before arriving is mindboggling.
Wait arent porn stars supposed to go down hill not go way uphill in their looks?
That could be why the girl has so much drive or maybe why Lori and her promoter Craig Stevens are taking LA by storm. ..>..>
Now the Luster hopes to get to the AVN 2006 awards show in style. Maybe even win.
Why would AVN be looking at Lori Lust?
Possibly the performances that keep getting better? Maybe the swinger / porn star really loves to play with the other male and female talents.
Not an act but she really cant wait to get her hands all over them?
Her down to earth personality? Her new improved looks? Her overwelming presence at events she's been hosting?
Or maybe all of the above combined with a body that would make a freight train stop in it's tracks.
Either way just for the AVN to acknowledge she might be the best this year says one huge question that everyone in the Industry is asking?
Where is the feature contract?
All the above combined with a huge fan base equals big money.
What more do they want?
Sure she's not 18 but is that what America wants? A rarity just won American Idol and captured America almost the same way Lori Lust does. Plus how often does a girl with a body like hers shoot adult video?
Plus let's not forget she has only been here four months and has plenty of room to grow with much backing from the Industry.

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