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Lori Lust red carpet event aug 26th
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Press Release : Lori Lust and Dru Berrymore hosts huge Industry party
Club Vertigo in downtown Los Angeles will be roaring August 28th.
Lori Lust host will be launching A 150,000 link 200 page site along with Dru Berrymore. The event is at Vertigo which will also have CO-hosts Kate Frost, Tony Bateman and Mofo and his many girls.
There will be a Media wall and tons of press with a red carpet. All adult Industry gets in free and it's also open to the public. Pamela Peaks will also be at the event along with other interview news companies.
There will be lots of Porn Stars at the event and the red carpet starts at 9 PM. is announcing it's first site release of six web sites that will be going up within two months. Lori Lust news when complete will have all the behind the scenes pictures and news of the Adult Indury Red Carpet events along with porn star links and news.
Also this Red Carpet event will have some surprises from TOny Bateman of KSEX.
Location is at Vertigo which is 810 W Temple Street, Los Angles Downtown.
Date : August 26th 2006 - Saturday
Time 9 P.M. - 2 A.M. (Red carpet starts at 9 PM) Media wall inside!
Location: Vertigo which is 810 W. Temple Street, Los Angles Downtown.
or go to For further information and maps.
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