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Lori Lust gets four box covers in row 2 stars
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Huge News : Lori Lust has streak of Four stared Videos in a row

The pre-nom for performer of the year by AVN now has four box cover movies in a row ranked four stars by AVN Monthly.

Lori Lust has a great reputation for her body but lately she has been getting great write-ups for her acting as well by the AVN. Lori's last four movies all have four stars ratings with great comments on her performance.

Her latest two movies Screw my wife Please 53 and Cheating Wives Tales #2 even hit Avn's top 100 along with four stars. Lori on the box cover and CD of Screw my wife is called Ms.Peavy but it's Lori and she had her promoter play the husband since she's not maried.

Last four movies reviewed were August 2006 page 219 and page 35. May 2006 page 230 and April 2006 page 236.

We asked Lori if she is taking acting lessons and she said;

"I think I'm just very comfortable performing. I'm cuming on set a couple times a shoot plus my promoter Craig Stevens has been teaching me character acting the last six months.

He used to act in high school and he is in the movie Cheating Wives Tales # 2 which many people say is the performance of the year.

He chases and kills a guy in the end of the movie. It was so scary and real that Mario Rossi and the Crew of New Sensations went nuts. Fans even tell me they watch it over and over again. I'm trying my hardest to be that good so maybe it's paying off.

So what is it that you want in porn ? "I just want to be the best I can so I can be a crossover mainstream girl. I had an offer from Oxygen network for a four month reality show and another to maybe be a nude news host but I couldn't shoot adult at the same time. I would love an Adult contract offer but I have only lived in Los Angeles for seven months so maybe If I keep acting well I will get spotted."

The hardest working girl in Porn is showing that Porn Stars can improve with a little time.

Between her explosive to die for body and kindness that will knock you over, this is a girl that draws large crowds at any event she attends. The husband was played by her promoter Craig Stevens in the movie.

Now what might happen if she continues on her quest for acting excellence? Maybe a contract? But for who Adult or mainstream?

With the dedication Lori Lust has one can feel it's only a matter of time before she shocks the Adult world with something other then her gorgeous looks.
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