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Lori Lust sells 500 Poloroids Beaks Record
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Worried what Lori Lust looks like for a potential shoot?

I wouldn’t because she broke a record at her latest adult autograph show.

Lori sold a total of 500 paid Polaroids in a three day show. Ask anyone who attended the show about the traffic at her tables. To say busy would be an understatement. Maybe mass pandemonium would be better.

Her table traffic was even larger then many companies giving away free merchandise.

We are not bragging but trying to make a point that this does show that you don’t have to be 19 years old to be marketable and also to be box cover worthy. Not to mention a model at 27 years of age can make a company tons of money especially at live appearances if they have a body to die for and a personality to match.

If you took a poll from shooters I think many would say 90% of all models go downhill in looks within the first year. But very few like Lori continue to push to improve there body and looks on a monthly basis.

A look at you will see the new pictures just taken of Lori Lust in the last week.

If you take a look you will see it’s almost like a fountain of youth for the porn world to be proud of.

I guarantee that any box cover you put her on the volume of sales will spike.
Even Italy’s Gate Bill car Magazine for the first time sold out showing European sales can have an effect by this bombshell.

Plus in the fitness world Gold’s gym sales have climbed quite a bit from the girl just working out at there location that they sponsored the porn star for there franchise.

Think of the fan base she could appeal to down the road just by making appearances.

That might be why she will be appearing on an up coming large television series. But that is another story that will shock the Industry as we wait for all the details.

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