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Lori Lust has 2 workout Videos Regular and Nude

Lori Lust the best body in the Industry has a monster website This links site is just a taste of the hot porn that is inside Lori lust xxx .com. Lori Lust was a Playboy Mansion Host 2006 and voted Hottest girl in porn 2006. She was also featured on 1000s of websites as being one of the hottest models on the Planet. Lori Lust was also a Hustler and Adam and Eve Model. As also known as the Best body in the Industry. Lori was also featured on Howard Stern 3 times on National TV.
August 26, 2005 04:00am
Two Lori Lust Workout Videos Out
by: Company Press Release

Lori Lust, the best body in the Industry, comes out with 2 work out videos. One is a serious non-nude workout video and the other is a Naughty Nude workout Video. The long awaited fitness model Porn Star work out video comes out pre-released but personally autographed for a limited time or you can order them from her hire page at or this link has the address and shipping info:

Lori also said included in the videos is the entire routine all included on a limited picture card that will also be signed included inside both videos.

But another Lori Lust Naughty Nude workout Video has also been pre released.

With the mainstream clothed Serious video. She wanted the best real inside package that made her body in about 1 year. She said it's her trainer's $500 package all wrapped up in a $29 video loaded with 150 secrets that will blow your mind about working out.

Lori said "This routine and eating program can be used on girls or guys. Within 6 months if you stick to the program people won't even recognize you. Plus there is tons of eating and diet secrets." But also Lori lust is selling a nude naughty workout video. According to Lori it starts with a 15 minute Photo shoot done nude in heels on film. You can see her pose to a real live modeling shoot. Then it goes to the gym where she does her routines on her machines and free weights nude and also in fishnets and pantyhose.

The video is 2 hours long and also has some masturbation scenes and spots where she humps her weight bench. All sweaty and hot this nude workout video will blow your mind! If you like nude workout girls, muscles and a hot time while learning the secrets to working out then this video is for you. Plus you can also see the girl with the magic camera presence pose nude for 15 minutes during a live photo shoot.

Lori said "I have had so many requests to see me pose in front of cameras, plus all my routines so I thought I would even throw that in too." So the model not only known as the best body in the Industry is equally being billed as one of the nicest girls on the autograph circuit. When it came to pleasing her fans she didn't just take it lightly. Workout routines, work out tips, eating secrets, sweat, nude workouts even live photo shoots. Only thing missing is a meal inside. Definitely worth the $29 to get a little piece of history of this mega babe Fitness Model / Porn Star.