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Lori Lust causes big autograph frenzy
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This Artilce seen over 40 large news sites even the AVN NEWS so I pasted it below. It was written by the press ( not written by Me ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lust Causes Fuss Among Comic Fans By: Andre Stlin Posted: 4:59 am PDT 5-24-2005 DETROIT - When fans arrived at the Motor City Comic Con recently, they had no idea what lay in wait for them. Beyond the heady world of comic books and cars from famous TV shows, there was Lori Lust, the “Fitness model Porn Star.” Lust was wearing a miniscule outfit in the style of Daisy Duke, the beloved redneck sexpot character from television’s "Dukes of Hazzard." As chance would have it, there was a "Dukes of Hazzard" promotional booth (celebrating the upcoming film) featuring the Duke’s magnificent mobile, the General Lee. Lust positioned herself next to the famous car, as rabid fans snapped photos. One witness described the scene thusly: -advertisement- “At least a 1000 fans went completely nuts as every pose this girl did melted just about every camera at the convention.” So far, according to Detroit officials, no damage claims have been filed for the melted cameras. Actress Catherine Bach, the original Daisy Duke, was in attendance, and said to be devastated by the fan’s reaction to Lust. “You could see Catherine Bach all most cry, wondering even in her prime if she ever looked as good as Lori Lust did this day,” expressed the witness. Certainly, this was a day that will live long in the memory of thousands of fans of comics, the Dukes of Hazzard, and Lori Lust.
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