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Lori Lust new video sales and rental numbers explode on the charts
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Here is an article that was on about 30 news sites.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lori Lust New Video Sales #s Explode News Alert: Lori Lust Fitness Model / Porn Star has a new release coming out on Video called Wet my Teen Pussy.c Bodybuilders in Heat 17 and Horny Housewives in Heat 17 where pleasant sales surprises as her 1st videos. But what do you expect when they had the foresight to put her on both the box and also the disk. Nice gambles that paid off. Some of her latest videos that just came out Cream Pie Girls and Wet my Teen Pussy she's not on the box but I guess she is the top draw to sales on the videos. There are also videos coming out called Big Sausage and My 1st Sex Teacher. She's on the sites right now but the boxes are just about to come out. Limiting herself being shot on video, her stuff is in high demand and climbing. And now for the big news: Wet My Teen Pussy. What's the big Deal you ask? Interesting that the girl known for the best body in the business shoots with who could be the best male body in the business Anthony Hardwood. Nice move by shooter Rick Davis. The video immediately just coming out of the gates is on the AVN magazines top 100 stuffing stuffers in the June issue of AVN Magazine page 34. And why not when all of America wants to see the two hottest bodies get together. It's hard not to have a winning video. Lori Lust shows that she can play just about any role being cast as a hot teenager. We asked Lori Lust what was it like to shoot with Anthony. Was there chemistry? Lori said "It was instant attraction. I was shooting the pictures with the producer Rick Davis before he came to the location for the video shoot. I was nude in just heels and then Anthony entered. I think he was pleasantly surprised. Later at another event the AVN 2005 red carpet affair we ate dinner together before the show. He said He loved my body. I guess that made me happy getting a compliment from him since he is so hot. I would love to shoot with him again. I wouldn't mind swinging with him either if he's interested?" Lori also stated that she wants the world to know she also loves women too. She doesn't want the women to get sad and leave them out of the mix. We asked her what her favorite videos are and she said she likes her last few she shot due to she is being told lately her acting has been great! The Fitness Porn Star's last 4 movies they shot the whole entire video without one cut. "I guess in a few [movies] I started trash talking the guys towards the end of the videos which the fans have been loving. Naughty America's 'My 1st Sex Teacher' and 'Cream Pie Girls' towards the end of the shoots I'm saying some pretty hot stuff as I'm getting turned on." So what about magazines? We asked why the stall. Lori said "I have offers to be on quite a few magazine covers but they don't want to pay me. Also travel plus expenses to go out of state all the time it seems silly compared to doing all the autograph shows and video shoots. Plus I get on so many web sites that lately it seems like people are on the sites a lot more than buying magazines lately. If Penthouse or Hustler wanted me to come then I guess I would come running but the B mags don't seem to give a girl a lot of exposure like a video can. Also some of the very large magazines only put celebrities on [the covers] now so I guess at the rate my name is growing maybe they will hopefully call me." Lori also stated that she has her own production company now. She has been shooting some of her own material for her site and also shooting good quality stuff that will be out on box cover at a later date. Lori wants the world to know too that she is in the best shape of her life training 4 days a week. Looks like the blonde box cover bombshell with the golden touch just keeps pushing in the foot steps of Jenna Jameson. Many under estimated the girl's drive and fan appeal in the beginning but know there is no denying it. From autograph appearances to sales numbers the fans can't seem to get enough. In a world when rarities seem to always out shine the masses this girl seems to be an unusual gem that the more you polish it the more it shines. Large Adult Video Company's watch out! If you don't shoot or sign this girl now and make all the money yourselves, then I guess she will do it herself. And do you really want another big video company to compete with in the future? In the number one most growing industry in the world this girl could easily be a volcano about to erupt dollar signs. Yes, she is not your typical Porn Star but that's what makes her so special and hard to forget. And remember hard to forget is always great for long lasting careers.
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