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Lori Lust gets Maisntream modeling & tv offers
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Lori Lust Getting Mainstream Offers. Lori Lust Getting Mainstream Offers. The Fitness model / Porn Star Lori Lust is known for having one of the best bodies in the Adult Industry, but now mainstream seems to be recognizing that too. According to Lori, even a few mainstream TV and movie companies are asking her to audition - or even to appear on upcoming movies and television shows - or endorse products. According to Lori, even MTV had some interest in her for an upcoming show. It seems that besides her body getting attention, her acting skills in her last few adult movies are also getting a buzz. We shouldn't forget the blonde bombshell with the to-die-for body also was a fitness model to begin with, so now Lori Lust is getting featured on many fitness and health sites. One web site said, "Ever since I added her to my front page, my views have almost doubled in a month." I guess there is a lot of talk and excitement going on about Lori Lust's new workout video coming out called "The Lori Lust Workout". Many sites are starting to do feature write-ups on her career or on her workout regimen. Some have even started asking her to endorse diet or fitness related products. So from her box cover presence and from her modeling experience you can imagine that many companies and sites want her to be on there site or label. We asked the Luster what she thought of the mainstream offers and she said "I'm happy that I'm getting both mainstream and adult offers at the same time! I guess television shows and even movies have been searching for hot girls that do well on video lately. That might be why you are starting to see so many models in reality-type shows. I feel that the adult Industry might even start to become a gateway for some of the adult girls that also have really nice bodies and acting skills. It might seem like an odd place to search at first, but when you think how open society is getting, then it all starts to make sense!" Lori seems to be versatile from mainstream to adult work - from her own workout videos and regular modeling the girl has no boundaries
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