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Lori Lust picking up endorsements
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Lori Lust Picks Up Fitness Endorsements. Lori Lust Lori Lust picks up "Fitness Girl of the Month" at another fitness site, but she also has picked up an endorsement for Adirondack Nutrition. Also there are 2 other nutrition companies that are working out endorsement contracts for their fitness sites. Within a couple of weeks a few supplement sites will have her pictures and endorsements on their sites to draw traffic and sell their products. Looks like the Lori Lust endorsement is worth money to companies. According to a few they have said that Lori Lust among driving tons of traffic to their sites, her pictures attract many hits if added to their sites. You don't see many fitness models with the features Lori has and her girl next door looks. It's great for selling products. So companies figure page views equal dollar signs. One company said she is very unique because she hits 3 markets at the same time. Fitness, porn and mainstream modeling. This is very unique because most models only hit one and even if they do there names usually don't have a following like Lori Lust does unless they are Penthouse Pet of the year or some large title like that. But then you add the 3 markets she hits at the same time and all the fitness people that seem to fallow this girl that you can really see the traffic due to the wide range of fans. Even sites not fitness related are happy. One company that was rock related said when they just did an interview with her on their site and added some pictures that their views quadrupled for the month. We added other hotties but never even seen a double in traffic. We don't want to give out numbers but it's very large so were very happy. So Lori Lust now equals views and views equals money. One company summed it up when they said "Lori, no matter what she does... if it's porn, fitness or an event she draws tons of attention, so when your a company and you want your products to get viewed weather it be a fitness product or even I would think a porn box cover that is great. The more attention the better for any company. Plus put the girl in a bikini and hold an event and watch the attendance climb through the roof. Plus now she has two workout videos coming out so you even add another level of interest or fan base to this multi marketable model. So she is grabbing attention from so many markets that I would have to think it's only a matter of time before you see her on a TV show or something like that. Also we would like to add she is a very nice girl. When you see her promoting our product the crowd seems to fall in love with her. Not even just guys but women too. They all seem to want her autographs so between her looks and how sweet she is I think it would be hard for any company to complain no matter what she's selling. She's a real gem."
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