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Lori Lust signing autographs at Adult Con in Los Angeles oct 8th - 9th
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Lori Lust in Los Angeles Oct 8th - Oct 15th>>>>>> I will be attending an Adult convention in Los Angeles (Adult Con) Oct 8th -- 9th. I'm in the best shape of my life. I've trained hard for my two fitness videos the Lori Lust workout and Naughty Nude Workout and that the video shooters totally love the new body. It's slimmer toned legs and rounder but has been a big hit. I also has a movie called the Stalker coming out on DVD Where there is a ton of acting in it. At the show I will wear next to nothing to show off my hot improved body. If you want to get My autograph or DVD's I will have a large display of items there. You can also have your picture taken with me. Hope to see you there.
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