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Lori Lust Howard Stern 3 more times
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Article on about 30 adult news sites >>>>>>>>>> Lori Lust The Fitness Model Porn Star's Howard Stern show ranked 40th among Howard's 3000 shows. It did so well that they are going to Rerun it again on E TV for their 10 million viewers again. They also picked her show to be one of the very first shows to be aired on Howard Stern's new TV channel on satellite that's a more un-cut version. They called her and said she did great and had a great response by his listeners for her. They are even adding video clips of Lori's site and adding pictures as the show is on the air. Lori said that it looks like their interested in having her come back on the Howard Stern Show again soon. On the show she did for Howard, half of the good stuff was cut out on E like the vibrator and the spraying of cooking oil all over her nude body. The radio listeners heard all this stuff but not the E channel TV viewers. Some of that could be on the new satellite show un-cut. Lori says she loves Howard Stern and the crew and can't wait to see them again. "I feel comfortable around them maybe because they like to do crazy things like me", said Lori, "or because they are so open minded. I love open minded people." God knows what will happen when she gets on Howard Stern again, but I'm sure the best body in the Industry will definitely come up with something that will try and top her last performance with the Howard Stern fans. So Lori Lust seems to fit like a piece of a puzzle with the show's format. That's great because on a niceness scale she's a 10 and it couldn't happen to a sweeter model and actress.
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