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Lori Lust autograph show explosion Article seen in over 20 news sites. Even got the attention of a few News crews that will be at the Adult Con nov 2-3 in Vegas to Interview me. Article was an interview at my last show. We seen Lori Lust at her last autograph show. This experience was a total pleasure. The best body in the Industry isn't shy when it comes to promotion or wearing nothing. She said; " if it was up to me I would show up nude in heals because I have worked out so hard and you only look like this once in your life, so let's have fun with it." Then she paused and stated "I have my 2 workout videos that everybody seems to love that just came out so it's good to show what someone can achieve in just a couple years if they stick to a program. " After that answer I still was amazed at how beautiful this starlet was. This girl was truly amazing even to talk to. So I had to ask her the big clincher while the crowd listened. You have many videos here. I see porn videos from large companies but I also see many pictures here that I feel should be on magazine covers. Why would a woman who has so much beauty and charm shoot adult video? Then Lori said without hesitation; " Because almost every fan wanted me to do it, even photographers. I also had just about every smaller magazine want me to just run everywhere from state to state and shoot for them but not pay me. I guess financially in the beginning I couldn't do it especially from the state I was from. I thought since I'm a swinger and in fitness that I would shoot porn and try to spice things up a bit while having fun enjoying something that I like. Why not do mainstream at the same time too? Then when I seen the first movies I was in going nuts I felt honored or even flattered. Like I was meant to do this or there was void or need for someone like me in the Industry. " I never really thought about it but she might be right. A fitness model that's a porn Star plus so nice a person that you want to hug her to death. We left the interview that day and I almost felt obligated to say that this girl is definitely something special. From her looks to her personality. Not only do I think she might be the next big rage but now I'm a fan. If you meet this girl in person you will definitely leave wanting more. From her looks to her down to earth personality this mega babe alone is worth the price of admission to any show.
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