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The fitness model / Porn Star is hot these days. Due to the overload of offers from mainstream endorsement contract offers to Adult movies she's moving to Los Angeles permanently after Christmas 2005 to her new house. The girl said after the last two autograph shows in Los Angeles and Vegas many companies seem to like my look and wanted to market her from fitness products to movies. It's hard to imagine Lori Lust after just being on Howard Stern created such a huge name so fast and wasn't a permanent resident in California. Now that she's moving to Hollywood which is the capitol of the modeling Industry hiow fast can her name grow now? X100 x 1000 ? Also if you take into account she has two of her own workout videos, fitness endorsements and adult and mainstream movies coming out that 2006 could be an explosive year for the blond bombshell. We asked Lori about moving to Los Angeles and she said "I'm very excited because it feels like family in California and I also passed on so many contracts, autograph shows and offers by not being there. I have many friends there and I hope that I live up to everyone expectations. It was hard traveling back and forth from Detroit to Los Angeles because many of the larger companies book a month in advance so I would miss out plus most the endorsements deals were over there too. Now that I will be living there I will be able to promote myself way more plus do many more shows and events so I'm excited because I will get much more exposure. Plus many companies seem interested because they say there is a huge shortage of fit girls in the Industry so maybe I'm timing something also." So it looks like if Lori Lust known for her beauty and to die for body matched by her girl next door personality will be a huge hit of the Industry. Plus what's nice about this girl is she's actually good for the Industry. How many girls like her are out there? Not many, so companies should definitely look into marketing this rarity.
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