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Lori Lust Legal Gear endorsement deal < Click Link
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Article seen on many mainstream news sites <<<<< Lori Lust of is on fire with endorsements. The girl lands another huge endorsement for a multi-million dollar supplement company Legal Gear products. The fitness model / porn star seems to be in high demand as companies seem to enjoy much higher sales by just adding her pictures on there ads or sites. Large companies are starting to take notice that Lori Lust on anything equals more money in sales. From spotting her at shows, Howard Stern or even on front pages of web sites the girl is attracting attention from bigger players. There seems to be so many directions to market the fitness / porn star due to her outstanding camera presence and drop dead looks. Sure some women work out but not many have that perfect frame with a face to match that can also drive many people to buy a product. I guess companies love her attitude and kindness that seems to attract fans from many different types of backgrounds. Hey, why hit one market when you can hit several at one time. Not many women have that type of appeal so companies are loving it. The company Legal Gear is just another positive proof that Lori Lust is starting to grow at a large rate. Legal Gear even started ordering her Lori Lust workout videos in large quantities to send to major distributors as Christmas presents. Apparently all her hard training is paying off as everyone seems to love her new physique. Lori said "Both companies and fans seem to like what I have done in the last 6 months to my look and I'm glad because It's all about pleasing the fans. If they take the time to follow me then I'm going to do my best to make them happy. It seems to make me work out harder." Wow with that attitude it's easy to see that this model is the complete package.
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