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Lori Lust Invited to Model Invitational autograph show Feb 26th San Pedro CA <
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Lori Lust was Invited to one of the best pinup glamour models events of California. You have to be invited and have super looks, high accomplishments and a large website so the girls are super HOT! and It's the Model Invitational 2006 February 26th 2006 Sunday 12-5pm LA Harbor Hotel, San Pedro, CA It has the hottest models In the United States and It's invite only. If you want to go you can get half off if you use this passcode MSE033LL and say Lori Lust - This is the link to the show with directions. I'll be wearing my smallest bikini's. I also have all new selection of 8x10s and videos. I hope everyone can come down and see me. If you are a member of myspace or my website Let me know and I'll give you a special signed copy of my latest magazine cover with any 8x10 you want. kisses Lori Lust
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